Orthodontics is what we do. All day. Every day.

We get asked, why can’t my dentist do my orthodontic treatment? Your dentist could “do” orthodontics, just like your family physician could “do” surgery. However, everyone would probably agree that as much as you like your family physician, you’d prefer to have a surgeon perform surgery. Orthodontists spend an additional 3 years in residency, specializing in correcting the position of the jaws and teeth. They also don’t perform other dental procedures besides orthodontics. Having someone who focuses specifically on the practice of orthodontics makes all the difference. Moving teeth even with Invisalign can have serious ramifications on your bite, can prematurely cause wear on teeth and can put stress on jaw muscles. Special training to recognize and treat these issues can be provided by an orthodontist. Your dentist is wonderful at filling cavities, whitening teeth, doing crowns and all the other things that make a good dentist. When it comes to your health, you deserve the best available.


Dr. Gimlen is the Only Board Certified Female Orthodontist in The Area

Less than 30% of California orthodontists are Diplomates of the American Board of Orthodontics. They are chosen based on stringent standards for skills, knowledge, and ability. The application process takes years and involves submitting long term difficult “cases” of treatment, written tests, and practical tests. Only the top doctors are admitted.  Dr. Gimlen has completed this process and is proud to be a board-certified orthodontist.  Additionally, Dr. Gimlen graduated from the top orthodontic program in the US and a top 5 dental school Magna Cum Laude. Dr. Gimlen also is on the Cleft lip and palate team St John’s hospital and teaches UCLA dental residents on treating cleft lip and palate cases as well as Invisalign. You deserve the best trained doctor.


It's True What They Say About Us

We encourage you to ask around about us. Orthodontic treatment should be chosen on quality training and experience and not price, great office location, a single yelp review, or a glossy paid advertisement in a magazine. Talk to your friends; talk to your dentist/pediatric dentist, go see our colleagues to compare results and experience. Dr. Gimlen lives to straighten teeth and believes patient care is the most important. Our practice is proud that so many of our patients endorse us by sending their other loved ones to us for treatment. We have many second and even third generation family members in our practice. We are also proud that numerous other medical and dental professionals trust their family to us, including a member of the Dental Board of California’s children and many of Dr. Gimlen’s dental school professor’s children. Your smile is your #1 hallmark, make sure you choose the right practice for your family.


We've Been Here Since 1967

Established in 1967 by Dr. James Duffin, joined by Dr. Adams in 1977 and Dr. Gimlen in 2006, we’ve been treating local families for more than a half century. We are here 5 days a week, this is all we do. We have treated tens of thousands of patients in our practice. 


The Golden Rule

Dr. Gimlen has been a patient. She knows the ups and downs of treatment. Dr. Gimlen also has two children, and she wants the best for them, like all parents. She treats every patient like her own child or family member was in the chair. She feels like that is what we should demand from our doctors. Orthodontic treatment is a medical procedure, not a profit center. You should never leave the office feeling like you were “pitched” treatment that wasn’t necessary. We have your best interest at heart.

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